EPC collaborates with the APDL in advicing Bolipuertos (Venezuela)

(8/09/2014) Estrada Port Consulting is collaborating with APDL (Administração dos Portos do Douro e Leixões) in advicing Bolipuertos (Bolivariana de Puertos SA)  in the management model of the new container terminal that has been recently constructed in the Port of La Guaira, in Venezuela, and which will be officially inaugurated at the end of September 2014.

More than 360.000 TEUs were manipulated in La Guaira in 2013, what makes it the second port in Venezuela in that traffic and one of the most important ports in the Caribbean Sea. The construction of the new container terminal of 24 ha of land and 15,2 m of depth will permit La Guaira to attend “New Panamax” ships with the maximum dimensins of the expanded Panama Canal, what will permit to grow the import/export traffic and it will offer the possibility to enter in the transhipment market, that is now inexistent in the venezuelan port.

Image: 3D model of the new container terminal in the Port of La Guaira (Source: Bolipuertos)